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When Evil Sits on the Throne

(JERUSALEM - Acts 4) The two, Peter and John, were among others who faithfully went to the temple each day at the hour of prayer. On this particular day as they were entering the Temple proper through the Beautiful Gate they noticed a crippled beggar sitting on the ground, shaking his little clay cup in hopes of getting a few small donations for food. As the two men walked past him (something they may have done many times since he was always there), Peter was gripped with something unlike he had ever experienced before. These “feelings” started right around the Day of Pentecost and were happening with a great deal more frequency since that day.

He stopped, stood, and stared intently at the man pitifully shaking his cup in hopes of a generous donation. Peter suddenly bent over, took the man’s hand in his big fisherman’s mitt and quietly spoke, “I don’t have any money, but I do have something to give you; in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, rise up and walk” While he was speaking his grip tightened and as he stood, he brought the beggar with him. He pulled him suddenly to his feet which, for the first time in his entire life, found the strength to support his weight.

He stood there; first, in disbelief and wonder. Tears began to stream down his face as his amazement morphed into utter and complete ecstasy. He began to shout. He began to laugh. He began to scream, and leap into the air like a man who might have taken leave of his senses. He grabbed total strangers; cupping their faces in his hands and crying, “I . . . . . CAN. . . . . WALK!”

It was as if the entire city of Jerusalem rushed as a single man to the Temple. News of the miracle ran through the streets and markets like a wildfire. The people were not sure how to react to this and some began to kneel before Peter as if he were some sort of deity. Remembering the words of his Master, Peter began to proclaim the good news of redemption and the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

And, that’s when the soldiers came.

(JERUSALEM - Acts 6) Stephen and his friends, Prochorus and Nicanor, were moving purposefully through the market. They had recently been appointed by the church to attend to the needs of the widows. A contentious spirit had arisen among some regarding the care of the widows and Stephen and six of his friends had been appointed to see to the matter. They were buying provisions for a meal which they would prepare and then distribute to the widows.

It would seem though, that when the apostles had laid hands on them to set the apart for this ministry of serving, somewhat more had been imparted to them. As they purchased food stuffs and other supplies to take care of the poor within the church they had found many opportunities to minister to needy people in other ways. They were not only buying dates and figs and flour, they were praying for the sick, lifting the hearts of the discouraged, and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ and proclaiming His resurrection from the dead and ascension to Heaven.

And, that’s when the Temple Police came.

(HOUSTON - Modern Day) David Daleiden sits in a restaurant with executives and physicians of a huge tax-payer supported abortion conglomerate negotiating the purchase of organs and limbs of aborted babies; many of which may have actually been born alive and suffered unknowable agony as their organs were harvested while still alive. Unknown to the greedy entrepreneurs of butchery, Daleiden videotaped a number of meetings in which the highest ranking executives coldly sat, chewing on their Caesar Salads and sipping wine as they discussed their ongoing practice of harvesting organs from aborted children, offering them to the highest bidder for medical and scientific research.

As the callous disregard for human life and absolute inhuman cruelty of these despots was put on display for the world to see as David Daleiden released the videos, one by one, to the public there was a huge outcry. Something must be done! Private citizens, elected officials, law enforcement officers; the hue and cry was enormous as the demand for action grew louder and louder.

And that’s when the Houston, Texas Grand Jury stepped in.

But wait……..they did not arrest the guilty parties, the executives and technicians whose hands drip with the blood of thousands, no…….millions of innocent children. They did not come to close down the myriad of abortion mills which has generated millions of dollars of blood money from the exploitation of pregnant women and innocent children. No, they did not.

What they DID do was indict David Daleiden and his partner, Sandra Merritt and charged them with “conspiracy to traffic in aborted baby parts,” and “invasion of privacy.” The Grand Jury exonerated the abortion industry, who at the very best were co-conspirators as they were the entity seeking to sell the baby parts. They charged the ones who sought to expose an organization that is greatly more wicked and more profitable than the New Jersey Mafia - and they let the crooks go free.

And that’s when evil ascended to the throne in the United States of America.

Jesus warned us. They will come for you. If they hated me, they will surely hate you. They will drag you before the tribunals, before governors and kings where you must give a witness for my sake. When they come for you, don't be concerned about what you will say because in that moment, the Holy Spirit will give you the words that you must speak. You will be my spokesman before the councils of men. It is in this way that the gospel will be proclaimed to the nations. (Based upon Mark 13:9-11).

And that is when you may expect the "ministry of truth" to show up at your door!

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