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Follow the Money

I have posted this video here on my website because I am sure that social media/government shills will try to make sure no one ever sees it. I want to make a couple of things clear: I AM NOT AN ANTI-VAXER, I'm just anti-THIS VACCINE because I truly believe it is part of a global conspiracy of the powerful few to enrich themselves at any cost, even the cost of human lives. 

I am not your run-of-the-mill conspiracy theorist, but I've had a gut-wrenching conviction from the start that the Corona Virus is nothing less than BIOLOGICAL WARFARE FOR PROFIT. I have consistently said, "Follow the money." The Corona Virus was man-made, in AMERICA, not China. 


 Don't take my word for it - watch this video and make up your own mind.  CLICK ON THE IMAGE BELOW TO WATCH.

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Canadian Covid Debate


      It is possible that the handling of this virus constitutes one of the most horrific scams of human history. Dr. Simone Gold provides information in this video that you are not hearing anywhere else because it has been purposefully hidden from you.


     You can mock and call me names all you want to, but please do not blindly follow everything you hear as if our government has never lied to us. Use your own mind and sense of reason. 


Your life and the lives of those you love might depend on it.  


Click on the image below and prepare to have everything you have believed to be completely obliterated - by the TRUTH. 


Dr. Simone Gold
This is a thirty eight minute presentation by a member of Parliament in Canada. Canada's reaction to COVID has been more draconian than even here in the US. If you are a Doctor or Nurse in Canada, you are under orders to engage in NO DEBATE regarding the national response to COVID. This video comes from several courageous scientists and doctors who have sacrificed their careers to speak out. They deserve to be heard!
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