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Rev. Michael Gantt

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Is Your Heart toward My Heart as Mine is to Yours?

From my weekly radio broadcast on WLPV-FM in Greenfield, Massachusetts on Monday, November 29. 

The Chariot of Jehu is a follow up to a message I delivered at my home church on Sunday, November 28. There is a link to GOD IS WATCHING, on my home page. It is a somber message but filled with hope. 

The prophet Jeremiah warned the people of Judah of the impending judgment of God for nearly forty years. He was mocked, beaten, and imprisoned for his prophetic utterances. He saw a great boiling pot of wrath that was to be poured out upon the nation for her rebellion.  Though he was ridiculed and maligned, he faithfully brought God's message. Finally, Nebuchadnezzar came and the nation was restored. 

I believe the United States is standing right now in a place like that of ancient Judah. GOD IS WATCHING and THE CHARIOT OF JEHU are two messages that speak to the impending judgment America is facing. 


Canadian Covid Debate


      It is possible that the handling of this virus constitutes one of the most horrific scams of human history. Dr. Simone Gold provides information in this video that you are not hearing anywhere else because it has been purposefully hidden from you.


     You can mock and call me names all you want to, but please do not blindly follow everything you hear as if our government has never lied to us. Use your own mind and sense of reason. 


Your life and the lives of those you love might depend on it.  


Click on the image below and prepare to have everything you have believed to be completely obliterated - by the TRUTH. 


Dr. Simone Gold
This is a thirty eight minute presentation by a member of Parliament in Canada. Canada's reaction to COVID has been more draconian than even here in the US. If you are a Doctor or Nurse in Canada, you are under orders to engage in NO DEBATE regarding the national response to COVID. This video comes from several courageous scientists and doctors who have sacrificed their careers to speak out. They deserve to be heard!
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God Is Watching
Agape Christian Fellowship

The Main Thing 
Philadelphia Christian Writers Conference
Born With Purpose - Monash City Church
Melbourne, Australia

Guard the Treasure
Monash City Church - Melbourne, Australia
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