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A Case of Stolen Identity

A Message for This Generation
Humanism, Abortion, Feminism,
Identity Confusion. 
Where did they come from? Were the seeds for cultural polarization planted in the Garden of Eden?
Stolen Identity

Rev. Michael Gantt

(M. K. Gantt)



Greenfield, Massachusetts

Monday Mornings at 9:00 a.m.

Simul-streamed on Facebook LIve



I've been preaching for more than fifty years and I don't think I have ever preached a more important message, so relevant for this generation that is struggling with such divisive and critical cultural issues. The church is facing a daunting task to reach our generation –– a generation that really doesn't know who it is. 

     The seeds of these powerful issues –– humanism, abortion, feminism, & identity confusion –– were all planted in the Garden of Eden when the serpent deceived "the woman." (Eve) You may be shocked to learn that though these all are contemporary, modern issues, they are as old as time itself. Listen to "A Case of Stolen Identity," and share it with others. 

One of the most important messages I have preached in decades. This is an audio link only, but you can download it to your phone or tablet so that you can share it with those who need to hear it. In an age of gender confusion and sexual dysphoria, there are so many who are living with a name that God did not give them. Listen or download by clicking HERE.

Born With Purpose - Monash City Church
Melbourne, Australia

Guard the Treasure
Monash City Church - Melbourne, Australia
The Revival PsalmM.K. Gantt
00:00 / 47:22
They Will ComeM. K. Gantt
00:00 / 45:04
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