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     Reading MAKUTANO will allow you to join a breathtaking African Safari without ever leaving home. The stories contained in this book allow you to follow Pastor Michael Gantt on a thirty year journey into the heart of Africa. 

     MAKUTANO has everything you could want in an adventure story. Adventure, danger, heartbreak, failure, and miracles! It is the story of a part-time missionary with a full-time mission to bring a message of hope and victory to hungry hearts and desperate lives. If there is someone in your life who has a heart for adventure and loves great story telling - MAKUTANO will fill the bill!

What People are saying about the OVER AND ABOVE STUDY

"I wish you could have been a fly on the wall at men's group last nite! Every single guy, including the ones who have a hard time reading and writing, finished their home work! Guys that don't usually talk - couldn't shut them up! They absolutely love this program. An answer to my prayers for the last two years! It's all about Gods perfect timing. The men are now ready, willing and excited about going deeper. Thank you for writing this study!!"








The Over and Above Study Guide can be used in partnership with the book. It makes a great personal study or a powerful group study. 

Buy them together at a discounted price. 

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SAVE $4.00

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