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What Should We Do?

“When God wants to judge a nation, He gives them wicked rulers.” - John Calvin

If it weren’t so sad . . . so serious . . . it might be downright funny as Republicans weep and gnash their teeth over the failure of the “red wave” to materialize during last week’s election. So convinced they were that the party would retake the House and the Senate and right the ship, turning America once again to the right––to prosperity, freedom, and happiness.

Utterly convinced that the future of America hangs in the balance of an election, we dutifully and hopefully trudge to the polls year after year hoping to elect just the right combination of politicians that will restore America to some former glory.

We want to feel safe, financially stable, and at least carry a facade of some imagined righteousness again. Teetering on the brink of financial collapse due to out-of-control spending and in the shadow of nuclear war because of enflamed international tensions, we look with glowing faces for some new hero (or an old one) to rescue us. We hear the Mighty Mouse Theme, “Here I come to save the day. . . “ but our Knight always seems to show up on a lame horse with tainted and dented armor, and a bag full of empty promises.

I wrote some years ago that it would appear that America is making a slow turn from the City on a Hill it once was to just another third-rate “banana republic.” The past several election cycles have done nothing to change that expectation. Half of the nation knows that elections are now bought and sold by the highest bidder and stolen by the craftiest thief. The other half knows it too, but is perfectly happy with the outcomes so, “who cares?” Nancy Pelosi's decree that the Democratic party would win “by any means necessary” has become the banner of the American political process.

What has changed so drastically? What are we missing? Why, despite our best efforts are we unable to turn our ship of state around? My friend, it is not “what” is missing; it is “who” is missing. And Who is missing is God.

Like the mighty Atlas, America has hefted the full weight of governance upon our own stooped shoulders. We have foolishly come to believe that good and effective governance can be found deep within the recesses of the human heart. We have bought into the deception that there is sufficient goodness in the whole of mankind that we can surely create a society that is peaceful, prosperous, and equitable.

The Democratic administration squandered more than two years trying to impeach and prosecute Donald Trump. Some of the accusations against Trump are true. Many of the accusations are nothing more than “trumped” up (excuse the pun) fabrications boiling up out of hearts filled with fear and hate. They don’t have to be believed and they don’t have to be true –– they just have to divert our attention from the chicanery that is going on behind closed doors.

But Trump is not what’s wrong with America. Joe Biden is not what is wrong with America. It is not that we have tried to impeach Trump –– it is that we have impeached Almighty God. Jerry Nadler famously declared on the floor of the House, “The will of God is of no concern to this House.” True that, but it should be –– it should be a matter of grave concern.

Because of our willful rejection of the righteous rule of almighty God, America is on the fast track to ruin. It is not the fault of the Democratic Party and it cannot be fixed by the Republican Party. It is the fault of a culture that has flipped God the bird. A culture that believes it can deny God, disobey God, and mock God with impunity. Those sitting in the driver’s seat on this wild ride to ruin are not bringing the judgment of God upon America –– they ARE the judgment of God upon this nation. They are simply delivering us to the inevitable fate of the foolish.

As we ramp up for the 2024 Presidential election the pressure will be tremendous to “get out the vote.” I would recommend that the battle cry of the church needs to be “get on our knees.”

God will not give us righteous leaders until we ask Him to make us a righteous people.

God will continue to allow greedy, bloodthirsty, foul-mouthed mockers to ravage the poor and engorge the rich, maniacally driving us toward the cliffs of ruin until we turn to God and cry for mercy.

On the Day of Pentecost the men of Jerusalem cried out, “Men and brethren, what should we do?” Peter was pointed in his answer, “Repent and be baptized for the remission of your sins.”

What should we do? “Go Vote” is not the right answer.

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