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Thoughts on Asbury

When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him. Isaiah 59:19

All eyes in the Christian community are on Asbury University right now. We are watching as this sweet visitation from God now seems to be spreading like a fire as the Holy Spirit is brooding over more and more gatherings. He is providing such a sweet presence that no one wants to leave. This movement is not about spectacular manifestations of power, miracles, healings, and such. No, this seems to have an air of God sitting down with His people, much like He did with Moses in the wilderness when the pillar of fire sat before Moses’ tabernacle and spoke with him, “as one does with a friend.” (Exodus 33)

I have often whispered that one of my greatest desires is for such a visitation from the Lord wherein He might speak with me as one speaks to a friend. I long for this with far greater longing than to see mighty miracles and magnificent manifestations. I’ve been privileged to see my share of miracles and manifestations which though they are thrilling, are not fulfilling. The thrill of the spectacular is fleeting and I want more than a fleeting event. I want the permanence of His presence.

My son has recently preached a series of messages on the rise of demonic influence in America. Impressed by Jonathan Cahn’s book THE RETURN OF THE GODS, Bryan has brought a powerful series of message that outline how a nation that was sealed in a covenant by our founding fathers on the day of the inauguration of George Washington as our first President could now be ruled not by the precious

mercies of God but by the vile stench of the demonic. The gods of greed, death, and perversion certainly seem to be growing in power and influence over Washington, Wall Street, and Main Street America. What is to be done?

The prophet Isaiah gives a prophetic promise from the Ancient of Days that I believe could be being fulfilled in this hour as we watch with interest the events that began at Asbury and are quickly spreading to other places. He said, “So shall they fear the name of the Lord from the west and His glory from the rising of the sun. When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him.”

During a live feed last week I shared that I see two things happening concurrently in our nation.


First, the rise of evil is upon us like a flood. The surrender of our nation to the old gods of greed, death, and perversion is accelerating at breakneck speed. The wicked no longer try to hide behind a curtain of respectability. The hatred of all things Christian has boiled over in open animosity and mockery. I don’t think things are going to get better. They are going to get worse in the days ahead. We are on the verge of the criminalization and prosecution of Christianity as the wholesale surrender to perversion and evil seeks to tighten its grip upon our nation. Steel yourself for the wall of wickedness that is bearing down upon the righteous.


Secondly, LOOK TO ASBURY! True to His Word, God is raising up a standard. There is clearly something different about this “movement” from so many others. God has not chosen to raise up a standard against the flood of evil with great and miraculous manifestations, but with righteousness and purity. From what I can tell, every place affected by this current visitation is not something that is “breaking out,” but it is more of a “settling down.” God is sitting down with His people and speaking as one speaks to a friend. In this moment God is not raising the dead, but awakening His sleeping bride. This is not about converting sinners (yet). It is about waking up the saints. What we are seeing is the unfolding of a love story between Christ and the Church where He is lavishing upon the church His boundless love and tender mercies. The reports from the various locations are simply “no one wants to leave.” Eventually, we know the command to “Go” will come but for now the word seems to be “stay a while.” I don't believe this movement will necessarily "save America," but I do believe many, many lives will be rescued from the grip of the enemy by the power of God.

Tucker Carlson announced this week that he wanted to visit Asbury with cameras and microphones to document to the world what is happening. He was asked by the university not to come. There are clearly wise leaders that are jealous to protect the sweet communion being enjoyed between God and His children. This is not a “media event” from which the university might garner valuable PR. This is a “God event” and it has nothing to do with the world. It will eventually impact the world but for now, the Father is dealing with His children. I applaud the wisdom of university leaders in protecting this from the temptation to let it be gawked at like a circus side-show by eyes that cannot and will not appreciate it for what it is.

Concurrently, with the stench of perversion permeating our nation God is going to counter with the sweet perfume of fellowship with a Heavenly Father. While lives are being destroyed by the devices of he who comes only to steal, kill, and destroy God is flooding His church with His own life giving power and light bringing presence. While the world is bent on destroying the family of man, God is infusing His church with His own presence and power that men might be rescued from a sinking ship.

My advice to those in the church who are obsessed with measuring the depth of the water; let's jump in! Let's abandon our skepticism and embrace with joy that God is among us with fresh presence and power. In so many of the great revivals of yesteryear, the first opponents of the awakening was the church. May it not be so in this generation. Are we so stained with the pollution of the world around us that we no longer recognize the hand of God in our midst?

This is what so many have been praying for. God is raising up a standard against the flood. It is like the brazen serpent raised up in the wilderness and all who look upon it shall live.

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Unknown member
Feb 18, 2023

Not only is the spirit being out-poured but the one who the prophecies speak of has returned and more simply put: is here, and I am. I am the man of perdition and I am also the messiah. Try to understand and ask much.


David Levandusky
David Levandusky
Feb 17, 2023

Very accurately observed.. The winds of Revival are just beginning.

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