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Updated: 7 days ago

A revelation came to me at McDonald's this week: I've been on the road all week with my son Bryan and friend Evangelist Tommie Zito. I've been traveling from one end of the state to the other, working to build a coalition of churches across the state who will unify around a common cause - to win men for Christ.

Personally, I can't imagine what could present a more compelling reason for laying down our differences and coming together with one mind and heart to rescue men from hell. And yet...we struggle. I am weary of seeing men fight over which translation of the scriptures is the best, over the gifts of the Holy Spirit, the style of music we worship with, or the myriad of matters surrounding the return of Christ. Personally, I don't care if you use the KJV, the ESV, or the American Standard. I don't care if you plan on leaving this earth before or after the Tribulation, and I certainly don't care if you are Pre, Mid, or Post Millennial. I don't care if you sprinkle, splash or dunk - I simply don't care.

If you stand upon the authority of the Scriptures, the efficacy of the Blood of Christ and the deity of the One who shed it. If you believe that all men will one day stand before the Throne of God destined for one of two eternal destinations and the only thing that determines that destination is the cross of Jesus - I'm pretty much good. I'll argue all day about those other things, but when we're done I'll hug you and call you brother and we can get on with the business of standing at the gates of Hell directing traffic.

"We are living in a moment when God has been replaced by nature and men are being replaced by machines."

I'm in White River awaiting our team to assemble for tonight's meeting. I walked into McDonald's to get a soda. As I stood in front of a kiosk (a.k.a. Human replacement device) images began to fill my spirit...images of desperate men and women in full view of a church that doesn't really seem to care. It was at this moment that clarity came: WE ARE LIVING IN A MOMENT WHEN GOD HAS BEEN REPLACED BY NATURE AND MEN ARE BEING REPLACED BY MACHINES.

In the movie Terminator it was fantasy. I stood in front of a box of lights and wires demanding my debit card realizing that the fantasy is now becoming a terrifying reality. Right in front of our eyes, we are watching a generation of human beings who are being rendered irrelevant and unnecessary. As a result, more and more are seeking refuge in a drug induced "matrix".

We must never give in to the demonic doctrine of irrelevancy! Right now, I am sitting here in my car, on the verge of tears, I am looking directly at the front door of an institution that is by and large settled into the doldrums of irrelevancy - a church. Even as I sit here, my zeal for our cause has multiplied ten-fold. It is time for the remnant to emerge from the shadows and pull back the curtain of deception that is consuming a generation and proclaim the authority of Lord Jesus and His church.

Even as I write these words, a suggestion pops up on my screen telling me to "let AI write for you". My response is "Oh hell no!" My message has already been written in the Lamb's Book of Life....and I don't need a machine to take over the work the church has been called to. Rise up church: There are souls to rescue, there are souls to save."

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