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A Child Shall Lead them

I was standing at the front of the church this morning during a very special time of worship. We were enjoying the sweet fragrance of the Presence of God. Our worship team began to sing the words of Michael W. Smith’s Agnus Dei: 

Holy, holy

Are You Lord God, Almighty

Worthy is the Lamb, worthy is the Lamb

You are holy, holy

Are You Lord God, Almighty

Worthy is the Lamb, worthy is the Lamb


As the music swelled up into a spontaneous outpouring of worship, some of the adults in the room began to move to the altar, drinking in the very presence of God. God is doing something in our congregation. It is not spectacular, but it is powerful. It is not orchestrated, at least not by a human hand. It is more like a gentle, welcoming, tug of a hand unseen but corporately felt by many. As in the Temple of old, we are blessed by skillful and anointed minstrels who understand the distinction between worship and performance. Their skill and humble posture led our congregation into the holy place of worship. It was . . . sweet. It was like incense from the altar wafting up into the very presence of God. 

I watched in wonder as my four year old granddaughter “Mina” slipped out of her chair to join the worship at the altar. Tears filled my eyes as I watched her, standing with eyes closed and hands lifted, singing the words “worthy is the lamb.” Wilhelmina loves music and she sings at the top of her lungs, sometimes taking a handful of ribbons to wave them gleefully in rhythm with the musicians. This however, was different. 

She was not responding to the music. She was not “led” to the altar. She was drawn by His presence. As I watched her sweet countenance glow in the presence of God I remembered the words of Jesus, "I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.”

We have been praying for revival . . . for an awakening . . . for a move of God among us that will take us deeper in our corporate walk with God. Today I realized that we’ve been looking for thunder and lightning, tongues of fire, a mighty wind to shake the building. I think today, as I watched a tiny little girl abandon the cheesy crackers on her seat to enter in to His Holy Presence . . . we might be looking for the wrong things. 

Isaiah the prophet penned a simple phrase that is growing in meaning for me tonight:

“A little child shall lead them.”


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